Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals in Missouri

Missouri, often referred to as the "Show-Me State," proudly features a blend of Southern hospitality and Midwestern charm. Cities like St. Louis, with its iconic Gateway Arch, serve as major attractions for visitors. 

For those plotting a journey across Missouri's diverse landscapes, Total Charter Bus is your reliable partner on the road. Our network of minibuses and charter buses ensures that you'll find the perfect vehicle for your group's size and comfort needs. To rent a charter bus in Missouri, don't hesitate to call our dedicated 24-hour team at 1-866-303-2594 for a no-obligation quote.


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Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals in Missouri

A 56-passenger charter bus

Missouri's blend of urban and natural beauty requires versatile transportation options. The 56-passenger charter bus is perfect for larger groups, ensuring everyone travels in comfort with its myriad amenities, including a climate-controlled cabin, entertainment systems, and an onboard restroom. If you have a smaller party, perhaps a wedding group or a family outing, consider smaller minibus rentals. Available in 18, 20, and 25-passenger options, these buses have amenities like reclining seats, air conditioning, and overhead storage. 

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Missouri Charter Bus Rental Services

Missouri, the Gateway to the West, beckons with its blend of history, culture, and natural wonders. Total Charter Bus is your trusted partner for all group transportation in the Show-Me State.

  • Corporate transportation services: Streamline corporate logistics with transport to conventions at the Kansas City Convention Center or facilitate business retreats at the Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Academic trip charter bus rentals: Facilitate enlightening field trips to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis or arrange college visits to institutions like the University of Missouri.
  • Wedding shuttle services: We offer guest transportation between St. Louis hotels and enchanting venues like the Missouri Botanical Garden.
  • Sporting event transportation: Transport local sports teams to games or ferry fans safely to Cardinals or Chiefs matches.
  • Religious organization shuttle bus rentals: Ensure smooth transportation for church events, retreats, and weekly services throughout Missouri.
  • Assisted living shuttle bus rentals: Enhance the quality of life for residents by arranging delightful outings to places like the Missouri History Museum or scenic drives through the Ozarks. With Total Charter Bus, senior living communities can ensure safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation, making every trip memorable and hassle-free for everyone.
  • Military & government transportation: We offer secure, punctual transport for military and government personnel to vital locations such as Fort Leonard Wood or government offices in Jefferson City. 
  • Emergency charter bus rentals: Be ready for the unpredictable, from sudden Midwest storms to unforeseen evacuation needs. With a bus ready in as little as two hours, Total Charter Bus is committed to getting Missourians to safety promptly.

Rent a Bus to The Missouri State Fair

Missouri celebrates its agricultural heritage in a big way during the Missouri State Fair. Hosted in Sedalia, this event is a nearly two-week extravaganza of livestock exhibitions, concerts, rodeos, and carnival rides. It's a time-honored tradition that showcases the state's farming roots while providing modern entertainment. Choose Total Charter Bus for efficient transportation to the fairgrounds. 

Charter Bus Services in St. Louis

Often dubbed the "Gateway to the West," St. Louis features historical sites, a vibrant culture, and iconic destinations like the towering Gateway Arch and the revered Old Courthouse. Navigating this prominent Missouri metropolis can pose challenges, particularly for sizeable groups or newcomers. Opting for a charter bus service in St. Louis provides a multitude of advantages, including streamlined transportation, plush seating arrangements, and the guarantee of group cohesion. Whether your itinerary includes a day at the St. Louis Zoo or a special event at the Enterprise Center, relying on a St. Louis charter bus promises a seamless and memorable journey.

Kansas City Charter Bus Rentals

Straddling the border of Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City boasts a vibrant arts scene, mouthwatering barbecue, and the electrifying ambiance of the Power & Light District. However, navigating through its bustling streets can sometimes be daunting. This is where the advantages of securing a charter bus shine through. Not only can visitors skip the stress of finding parking or navigating unfamiliar roads, but they can also enjoy amenities like onboard WiFi, power outlets, and spacious seating. From jazz clubs to the National World War I Museum and Memorial, traveling through Kansas City becomes a breeze when you have a dedicated Kansas City charter bus at your disposal.

Rent a Bus in Claycomo

In the quaint village of Claycomo, Missouri, chartering a bus offers unparalleled convenience for group travels. Whether you're a local community group aiming to explore the rich industrial history tied to the Ford Motor Company's assembly plant or a tourist group desiring to experience the village's serene charm, a Claycomo charter bus ensures a comfortable and hassle-free journey. With close proximity to Kansas City, those aboard can extend their travels to the city's vibrant arts scene, historic landmarks, and culinary delights. 

Springfield Group Transportation

Known as the "Queen City of the Ozarks," Springfield combines the charm of a small town with the pulse of a bustling metropolis. While this city is a joy to discover, moving larger groups through the city can pose logistical challenges. Opting for a Springfield bus alleviates these concerns. Group organizers can ensure timely arrivals, and passengers can enjoy the journey without the distractions of driving, making it the ideal choice for school trips, corporate events, or large family gatherings in the city.

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