Family & Church Event Charter Bus & Minibus Rental

Reliable Travel to All Group Events

Heading to a large event with friends, family members, or loved ones? Let Total Charter Bus provide you with comfortable, reliable, and communal travel options. We charter buses of all sizes, for groups as small as 18-passengers or as large as 56-passengers, often putting together custom fleets for groups that exceed one coach’s capacity. Let us help streamline transportation at your next family event with a charter bus rental! Call our reservation specialists today at 1-866-303-2594 to learn more.

Comfortable Accommodations for All Passengers

We only charter buses with modern, up-to-date amenities to make for a comfortable ride. Choose from plush reclining seats, entertainment options such as WiFi and televisions with DVD players, oversized luggage bays and overhead compartments for easy storage, and even on-board restrooms on large models. Power outlets are also available so that everyone can stay charged while on the road.

Mobile Community Space

Instead of separating your group into cars, keep everyone organized in one vehicle while you travel. Take the time to socialize, get to know each other, and enjoy your time together while on the road. Your personal driver will handle all navigation so you can focus on enjoying every part of your trip. For example, if you need an Akron bus for a mission trip in Cleveland, you can spend the trip collaborating, discussing your work, and playing team-building games so that when your group arrives, everyone is ready to work together and have fun.

Explore with Ease

Once you’ve arrived at your destination city, take everything in from the comfort of your bus. With panoramic windows and comfortable seating, charter buses offer great opportunities for casual sightseeing without having to walk from one destination to another.

Streamline Family Reunion Travel

At your next reunion, keep all of your family members organized on a bus as they travel into town and between local attractions. When everyone’s left to drive themselves in separate cars, some people can end up lost or late. We’ll find a bus that’s the perfect size for your group to ensure comfortable travels and keep every passenger organized throughout your trip.

Ride Together to Church Events

Book a bus for your traveling church group to take you to all of your church events, from retreats to mission trips to conventions to other group-bonding activities at any time of the week. You’ll have the opportunity to spend time with your congregation while traveling together to your destination and enjoying the comfort and privacy of a personal charter bus.

Day Trips Made Simple

Heading out for the day with your group? Let Total Charter Bus handle all transportation logistics to make your trip easy and simple. We service cities across the Midwest, meaning we’re always able to take you exactly where you need to go. Explore the best that the region has to offer with a Kansas City bus rental, a St Louis bus rental, a charter bus rental to Minneapolis, and many more.

Book Your Bus Today

In need of transportation for your next private event? Total Charter Bus has you covered with 24/7 reservation specialists always available to find the best bus for your group. Call us today at 1-866-303-2594 to reserve your charter bus and learn more about how we can help with all of your group travel needs!

Other Group Events with Total Charter Bus

Total Charter Bus services groups of all types, from business travelers to government and military personnel to wedding coordinators to those in need of emergency services. See what else we can do to help you next time you need group travel services. Call our team today at 1-866-303-2594 to reserve your own bus!

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